Tournament Liaison Committee for 2022

January 11, 2020

NCSSA Tournament Directors,

The NCSSA Board created a new liaison position. The purpose of this position is to work as a liaison between NCSSA Tournament Directors and the NCSSA Board of Directors. The liaison position does not take the place of the Primary Region Representative.

The liaison position is only to advise and update the NCSSA Board of Directors as to any issues related to any and all NCSSA Tournaments.

The liaison position will assist tournament directors in their duties related to NCSSA Tournaments.

The liaison will assist tournament directors in their attempt to follow all NCSSA By-laws, rules and guidelines.

The liaison will assist tournament directors in maintaining continuity of all NCSSA tournaments.

In the event of a timely issue, the liaison chairperson or his designee will have the authority to assist the tournament director in making a decision related to any issues arising from any NCSSA tournament. He will do so only after discussing the issue with tournament director and all parties involved.

Finally, the NCSSA Tournament Liaison Committee is comprised of the following:

John Moran – chairman
Tom Bussey
Sam Scott
Darryl Watson

Bill Picht
NCSSA President