Class of 2014

Class of 2014

From left to right: Dan Caruso, Bill Butler, Jack Leach, Tom Palma

Bill Butler

Bill Butler began playing senior softball in 1991. Over the years, he has played, managed, and also sponsored in both the Sacramento Golden Seniors and South Placer Senior Softball Associations. The first tournament team that Bill played on was the Sacramento Gold. In addition to playing with the Gold, he was a member of the River City Pirates, Sacramento Solons, California Gold Rush and Elk Grove Renegades. While playing with the Renegades, their team won the World Championships. Currently, Bill is serving as a representative of Region II on the NCSSA Board of Directors.

Dan Caruso

Dan Caruso’s first senior softball team was the Court Jesters. The teams Dan was a member of are Tirapelli’s Falcons, Sacramento Blues, Redwood City Cardinals, Silver Hawks, Big Valley Seniors, Sacramento Rebels, and the Redwood City Chiefs. Also Dan, has played in the Huntsman Senior Games sixteen times and has won numerous medals. Dan has given back to senior softball by serving on the Stockton Softball Association Board of Directors, Cal-Mex Softball, Big Valley Senior Association and NCSSA Board of Directors. He was inducted into the Greater San Joaquin Softball Hall of Fame.

Jack Leach

Jack Leach entered senior softball twenty nine years ago in 1984. His first tournament team was the Turlock Farmers. Over the years, Jack has played on great senior teams and they include the Redwood City Reds, California Angels, California Blue Jays, Palo Alto Chiefs, Palo Alto Cherokees, Contra Costa Diablos, California Gold Rush, Elk Grove Renegades and Redwood City Chiefs. During his playing time with those teams, Jack has received many championship awards. Jack was a co-founder of the Stanislaus Senior Softball Association and in 1999 he was elected to the Stanislaus Senior Softball Hall of Fame.

Tom Palma

Tom Palma has played senior softball for more than twenty seven years. Tom has played and managed in the Vintage Softball Club. In those years with Vintage, he has served on Vintage Softball Club’s Board of Directors. Tom is a Charter Member of the Vintage Softball Club. Tom has played on some very good senior teams, the Old A’s California Blue Jays, California Angels, and San Francisco Seals. Tom has received many accolades during his years of senior softball play, one of those recognitions is his induction into the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.