Class of 2015

Don Farber

Don Farber’s senior softball career began in 1989 as a member of the Palo Alto Cherokees.  In 1993, he played with the California Gold Rush.  In 1995, Don co-sponsored and help develop the Nor Cal Blue Jays.  He started his managing career in 2000 with the San Francisco Seals.  And in 2004, he managed the Gold Rush.  Don, in 2007, began managing the San Francisco Seals and continues to do so today.  As you might imagine by the teams with which Don has been associated they have won numerous national titles.  The list includes SPA, USSSA, SSUSA, Huntsman and NASCS.

Hal Feinberg

Hal Feinberg’s senior softball play began in 1990, when joined the Redwood City Senors Softball Club.  With the Senors, Hal served on the Board of Directors and was vice president.  Over the years, he has played on the following teams, Redwood City Classics, Redwood City Cardinals, Double Nickel, Redwood City Chiefs, State Roofing and Sonoma Fog.  He has managed both the Redwood City Chiefs and Sonoma Fog.  Hal has served on the NCSSA Board of Directors for a number of years.  He is the treasurer for NCSSA and has held that position for several years.

Tommy French

Tom French began playing senior softball in 1993.  The teams on which Tom played have won numerous National and World Championships.  Those teams are California Rebels, Dan Smith Plastering, Old A’s, Blue Jays, Grumpy Old Men, and currently Omen.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Woodland Senior Softball League.  And for five years, he was president.  Tom managed for five years in the Woodland Sierra Travel League.  After only nine years of playing senior softball, Tom was inducted into the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame in 2002.

John Moran

John Moran began playing senior softball in the Redwood City Senors Softball Club’s senior league.  He served on the Senors’ Board of Directors.  His first team was Prime Time.  John was with Prime Time for twelve years.  Over the past nine years, he has been involved with the Lincoln Hills Senior Softball Club.  He has served the league in the following capacities; league commissioner, ratings committee and rules committee.   John played on both the sixty and sixty five Lincoln Hills Coyotes teams.  At the present time, he is also the co-manager of the sixty five Coyotes.

Steve Salter

Steve Salter, in 1991, became a member of the Redwood City Reds to begin his senior softball career.  After the Reds, he played for the Old A’s, Nor Cal Angels, and presently is a member of the San Francisco Seals.  While with those teams, Steve has been on eight teams that have won National and World Championships.  He has helped NCSSA by serving on the rankings committee for a number of years.  Steve is representing Region II on the NCSSA Board of Directors.  In 2014, Steve was honored, when he received induction into the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.

Don Wever

Don Wever has been playing senior softball since 2000, starting with the Modesto Vintage. He has played and managed Quicksilver 50.  Currently, he plays and manages Quicksilver Plus.  Don has served the Stanislaus Senior Softball Association.  While there, Don has been secretary, president.  Don represents Region III for the NCSSA Board of Directors and does a great service in the capacity of secretary.  In 2009, Don was inducted into the Stanislaus Senior Softball Association Hall of Fame.  Don has exhibited a great appreciation for senior softball and the players.