Class of 2013

Class of 2013

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Bob Fernandez


Bob Fernandez has served on the Lincoln Hills Senior Softball Club’s Board of Directors. While on the LHSSC Board he held the position of president. Bob has also been a member of the NCSSA Board of Directors. In the past, Bob has worked closely with Noel Lanctot on the ranking committee. He has played on the club teams and is also playing for the Sacramento Blues as well.

Ernie Gomez


Ernie Gomez is one of the original members of the Vintage Softball Club. He has served on the Vintage Board of Directors. While a member of Vintage, Ernie has received many awards and accolades for his contributions to the Vintage Club. He has been a manager for fifteen years. Over the years, Ernie has played for Vintage, Chiefs, Chico, and Big Valley softball teams.

Harry Purslow


Harry Purslow has played for and managed teams in the Sacramento area. At one time, he was a member of the South Placer Senior Softball Club Board of Directors. One of the teams that Harry had managed was the South Placer Sultans. Harry moved the Southern Oregon and was instrumental in the introduction the NCSSA to the teams there. As the tournament director in Medford, he has hosted many successful NCSSA tournaments.

Howard Smith has played many NCSSA tournaments over the years. Howard played in the first Senior Softball World Series in North Carolina. He has played on many great teams and as a result of the quality of those teams, he has been fortunate enough to win numerous national championships. The Blue Jays, Old A’s, Kap Vending, San Jose Royals and State Roofing are some of the teams on which he has played.

Ed Sorenson


Ed Sorensen began playing senior softball in 1994 in the South Placer Senior Softball Club. In addition to playing, he also managed teams in the South Placer League. Ed became involved in the Lincoln Hills Club and was member the Board of Directors. He served in the position of president while on the board. The teams for whom Ed played include, South Placer Stars, River City Pirates, Elk Grove Renegades, Gold Rush and Lincoln Hills Coyotes.

Willie Weatherford


Willie Weatherford has been a member of NCSSA for many years. During those years, one of the teams on which he plays is the Raptors. He has been very supportive of NCSSA. Willie became mayor of Manteca approximately ten years ago. He was instrumental in Big League Dreams being built in his city. Also during those years, Willie has made available to NCSSA, the council chambers for the annual managers meeting at no charge to NCSSA.