Class of 2010

Norman S. Blackwell, Sr

Norman Blackwell, Sr began playing in the Sacramento Golden Seniors softball league at the age of 50. He was one of the original players that formed the Tournament Players Association in Sacramento and is still active in the TPA. Norman has played and managed the Sacramento Gold for more than twenty years, a team that has been very successful. The Gold , under Norman's leadership is a much respected team. Norman's teams have been supportive of the NCSSA by attendance to numerous tournaments throughout the years. Norman may be getting older, but his competitive nature has not slowed. In 1996, Norman had the great honor of carrying the Olympic Torch as one of Sacramento's heroes. Norman has spent most of his life supporting various community and sporting groups by helping the youth and the elderly that need it the most. Norman has been inducted into seven Halls of Fame, such as the La Salle Club Baseball Hall of Fame, the Optimist Hall of Fame and the March of Dimes Hall of Fame.

Bob Elwood

Bob Elwood is currently serving as a member of the NCSSA Board of Directors and was also on the Board from 1998 thru 2005. During which time he was treasurer one year and for three years he was both the treasurer and the recording secretary. Bob started playing senior softball in 1986 as a member of the Redwood City Señors Softball Club. A year later, he started playing tournament softball with the Redwood City Cardinals. Bob managed the Cardinals for three years. Under his leadership, the Cardinals won the SSUSA tournament in Reno and they won two silver medals in St. George, Utah. Since 2001, Bob has played for the State Roofing Systems Royals 65's and 70's teams that have won the Reno tournament twice, the California Cup, Western Nationals, World Championships, NCSSA championships four times and Huntsman Games two times. Bob's proudest moment was winning in St. George and having his wife, Helen, present him with his gold medal out on the playing field.

John Kranz

John Kranz began playing senior softball in the Chico Senior Softball League in 1992 and continues to play there still today. The following year he began playing in tournaments for the Lucky 7 team. Currently, John plays and manages the Sharks tournament team. In 1993, John was elected to the board of the Chico league. In 1997, John was elected president of the Chico Senior Softball League, a position he held for ten years. John still serves as a member of the board in the Chico league. John was inducted into the Chico Senior Softball Hall of Fame. John became a board member of the NCSSA Board of Directors in 2001, representing region one and is currently a NCSSA board member. As a member of the NCSSA Board of Directors, he has held the positions of president and vice president. John has also served as tournament director for the NCSSA. In 2005, he was tournament director of the NCSSA Championships in Reno and in 2008, the Hall of Fame tournament in Manteca.

Al Meyers

Al Meyers joined the Redwood City Reds senior softball team in 1986 as a pitcher. As a member of the Reds, Al's team played in a National Invitational tournament in Las Vegas in 1986 and 1987. The Reds took second both times in the Las Vegas tournament. In 1989 the Reds went to Greensboro, North Carolina and won the first Senior Softball World Series. Over the years, Al has managed the Redwood City Reds, Remax 55's and the Nor-Cal Blue Jays. Al's teams have been strong supporters of NCSSA by their participation in many NCSSA sponsored tournaments each year. Al Meyers has always had some of the best softball players from the NCSSA area and they have won numerous National championships. In 2003, Al was inducted into the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.