Class of 2012

Morris Hosoda

Morris Hosoda has been a charter member of the Santa Clara Valley Vintage Softball Club since it was formed in 1987. Morris has served on the Vintage Board of Directors. In April of 1991, he started BALL-oney, a club monthly newsletter. He was the first person to serve as Vintage Club chaplain. Because of his many contributions to Vintage Softball, Morris received the Armen Parseghian Award, the founder of the Vintage Club. In 2007, he was the recipient of the Certificate of Appreciation for not only helping start Vintage Softball Club and also for his continued participation. And in 2010, Morris received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Vintage Board of Directors. He has played on the Vintage 60's and 65's, Palo Alto Chiefs 70's, and 75's and Redwood City Chiefs 80's tournament teams to name a few.

Bob Hunter

Bob Hunter began playing senior softball in 1997 with the Walnut Creakers. Bob later moved to Auburn, California and played with the Auburn Senior Softball team. In 2005, Bob moved to Lincoln Hills. Since moving to Lincoln Hills, Bob has served on the Coyote Board of Directors as secretary for three years and publicity director since 2008. Bob has played with the Coyote 65's and 70's teams. He has also played on a number of other NCSSA teams, including Coyote 60's, Nor Cal Renegades, Physiomotion, and Triple Play to name a few. Bob has managed the Coyote 70's team since 2008, a team that has won Rock n Roll Reno, Cal Cup, Las Vegas and the SSUSA Western National.

Ron McElyea

Ron McElyea began playing senior softball at the age of 50 in the Golden Senior Softball Association league. His first tournament team was The Rookies. In addition to playing with The Rookies, he has played with a number of tournament teams, such as Omni, The Squires, Blue Jays, Old A's, and currently with Omen. Ron has been fortunate enough to have played on teams that had great players, which resulted in numerous national championships. He has served on the South Placer Senior Softball Club Board of Directors as president. Ron has been a member of the NCSSA Board of Directors for five years and is currently serving as president. In 2006, Ron was honored by being inducted into the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.

John Reedy

John Reedy, at the age of 53, started playing senior softball in Yuba City with the Yuba Sutter Senior Softball Club. Later on, John moved to Oakdale, CA. and has been a member of the Stanislaus Senior Softball Association for 14 years. He has played on various senior softball teams. Those teams include the Yuba City Express, Diamond Backs, Wild Bunch, State Roofing, and Stanislaus Sluggers. He played and managed the Bald Eagles, a team that won many major and national championships. He has served on the board of YSSSC. He currently is a board member of SSSA and NCSSA. John is a member of SSSA Hall of Fame. John has received a Certificate of Recognition from American Cancer Society for 20 years of directing along with Sue, The American Cancer Society's Annual Softball Tournament.

Ernest Shaffer

Ernest Shaffer started playing at the age of 50 in 1986. His first tournament team that year was the Sacramento Rookies II. Since that time he has played for several team, the Sacramento Silvers, Sacramento Mavericks, Sacramento Outlaws, MSI, Sacramento Solons, Sacramento Pirates, Placerville Hillman, and South Placer Stars. Currently, he plays for the Sacramento Gold. Ernie was one of the original five that formed the Tournament Players Association in Sacramento and served two terms as their first president. He was on the TPA board for more than 10 years and also served as Region 2 representative to NCSSA. He was the president of the South Placer league for two terms. When asked what he enjoyed most about senior softball, he replied, the friends I have made over the past 27 years.

Jerry Scherer

Jerry Scherer started playing senior softball with the Stanislaus Senior Softball Association after moving to Modesto from Omaha, Nebraska in 1997. Since 2001, Jerry has been a member of the SSSA board of directors and currently holds the office of treasurer. He was Region 3 representative on the NCSSA Board of Directors in 2008 and 2009. Jerry played for the Stanislaus Giants and the California Bald Eagles. He started his own team, in 2004, the Central Valley Legends. Currently he manages the Great Life Legends. As a sponsor, manager, board member, and player, Jerry was inducted into SSSA Hall of Fame in 2006.