Ranking Committee for 2024

The NCSSA 2024 Ranking Committee consists of players, managers, umpires and tournament directors all of whom work throughout the year to continually update the rankings of the 100+ NCSSA member teams.

This year, the Committee will continue using the process refined during 2019. One of the advantages of having a large committee is that each member brings a different perspective to the ranking process. This allows for a more accurate measurement of each teams ranking status.

The committee feels that while the process used to provide rankings during 2019 has been more successful than in past years it is not a perfect system. The committee recognizes that there will be teams that feel they have been ranked incorrectly for any number of reasons. As a team manager, please feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below if you have questions or concerns regarding the ranking assigned to your team.

Thank you and good luck in this upcoming season.

Darryl Watson, Chairman









Darryl Watson
Tommy Bussey
Joe Lewis
Bill Picht
Gary Robertson
Ernie Lopez
Ellwin Jobe
Herb Epple
Lanny Witt
Bob Holly
Pete Lewis
John Reedy
Paul Enriquez