Class of 2016

Left to right: Al Fereria, Herb Epple, Tom Bussey, Charlie Adams and Tom Avery




Charlie Adams began playing senior softball for Vintage Softball of Santa Clara Valley.  He has played for the Palo Alto Chiefs, Redwood City Chiefs and Top Gun.  In 1997, Charlie pitched all eight games for the Redwood City Chiefs and winning the SSUSA World Championships.  He is a member of the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.  Presently, Charlie is the oldest active member of NCSSA.




Tom Avery began playing senior softball in 1993.  He has played for the Squires, Blue Jays, Old A’s and Omen.  He currently plays and manages Omen 70 and has won the SSUSA Triple Crown the last two years.  He has been on the fore mentioned teams that have won numerous National and World Championships.  Tom has served on the NCSSA Board of Directors, representing region II.  Tom is a member of the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.




Tom Bussey, at the age of fifty, began his senior softball career.  His first tournament team was the Islanders.  Other teams include, Capital Casino, Wildwood West, Outlaws, Old Dawgs, State Roofing and Omen 70.  In 2000, Tom formed the NorCal Senior Softball Umpires Association.  Presently, he serves on the NCSSA Board of Directors and is a member of the ranking committee.  Tom is the SSUSA western regional umpire in chief.




Herb Epple did not start playing senior softball until 2001.  In a short period of time, Herb has been a member of some very good tournament teams.  Those teams include; Hangtown 60’s, NorCal Renegades, California Oaks, Raptors and the San Francisco Seals.  He is currently the president of the Sierra Valley Senior Softball League.  And for the last six years, Herb has served on the NCSSA ranking committee.




Al Fereria started his senior softball play in 1988.  The list of teams Al has been a member include; the Diablos, State Roofing, Blue Jays and Elk Grove Renegades.  In addition to playing, he managed Al’s Grading and Paving.  Al has been on four National Championship teams as well as two SSUSA Triple Crown teams.  His accomplishments include being the best defensive player in the 2003 SPA Championship and MVP eleven times.