Class of 2011

Pete D'Avignon

Pete D'Avignon began playing senior softball at the age of 52 in the Chico area. In addition to playing senior softball, Pete has managed and been tournament director a number of times in the Chico area. He served on the Chico Senior Softball League in the capacity of secretary for four years and president for two terms. Pete was inducted into the Chico Senior Softball Fame of Fame in 2002. In 2007 Pete was elected to the NCSSA Board of Directors. Still a member of the NCSSA Board of Directors, Pete has held the position of NCSSA secretary since his arrival to the board. After surviving a life threatening bout with cancer, in 2010 Pete founded CAN-sirs a nonprofit organization. CAN-sirs, a national program that promotes awareness and prevention by personally sharing cancer experiences with others.

Albert Morales

Albert Morales started playing senior softball in 1984, when he joined the Sacramento Golden Seniors Softball League. Albert played on Rookies, the first traveling team that was formed by the Golden Seniors. He began managing the Sacramento Rebels in 1984, a position he still holds today. For many years Albert has played and managed numerous teams in the Golden Senior League. In the middle 1980's, Albert was one of the co-founders of the Sacramento Tournament Players Association. He has also served as an alternate representative on the NCSSA Board of Directors. Because of his many achievements and dedication to softball, Albert was inducted into the Mexican Hall of Fame in 1989.

Bob Schwan

Bob Schwan, in 1984, joined the Sacramento Senior Softball League. In 1985, he co-managed and played on the Sacramento Rookies II tournament team. Bob along with four other men formed the Sacramento Tournament Players Association. Shortly after the TPA was established, Bob became president, a position he held for twenty five years. Robert was one of the organizers of the NCSSA. He worked with others to set up the bylaws for tournament play. Bob formed his own Golden Senior's softball team, the Silvers. He played and managed the Silvers for seventeen years. Though Bob was unable to play due to illness, he continued to go out and manage, saying there is game to be played. Robert passed away in June, 2011.

Gary Tryhorn

Gary Tryhorn, at the age of 50, had heard of an organization called Northern California Senior Softball Association, which he quickly joined. After two years of playing senior softball, Gary began playing for Dan Smith Plastering. In 1998, he formed the California Rebels. Gary, in 2000, took over the Old A's, a team that has won thirty seven of fifty two national championships. Under Gary's leadership the Old A's were inducted into the Softball Players Association Hall of Fame. Gary currently plays and manages the Omen Softball Combine, a sixty five major plus team. In 2001, Gary became Western Regional Vice President for SPA. As a SPA delegate, Gary is a member of the Senior Summit that meets each year. Gary's commitment to softball has him serving on the NCSSA Board of Directors for a number of years. Presently, he is president of the NCSSA Board of Directors, a position he has held since 2008. Gary Tryhorn is a member of the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame and he also serves as western representative of the Hall of Fame for the Senior Summit.

Dick Willson

Dick Willson began playing organized senior softball at age fifty-four on the Fairfield Seniors softball team. Dick has played on numerous NCSSA teams. He has played for Solano Enforcers, California Gold Rush, Palo Alto Chiefs, Diablos, and currently the Elk Grove Renegades to name a few. During his years of play, Dick has earned many awards for his defensive talents at various tournaments. Dick was instrumental in the success in the formative years of the NCSSA. Dick served as treasurer on the NCSSA Board of Directors for three years. Without Dick's ability to control the treasury with very limited resources, the NCSSA might not have succeeded. Dick has also contributed to the fact that the NCSSA and good sportsmanship do go hand-in-hand.