Team Registration 2021

2021 Team Registration Fees

NCSSA and SSUSA have agreed to credit registration fees paid for the 2020 season to the 2021 season as follows:

NCSSA will rollover fees paid by ALL 2020 registered teams toward fees for 2021. SSUSA will rollover 2020 fees toward 2021 for all teams that did NOT participate in a SSUSA event in 2020. Teams that DID play in a SSUSA tournament in 2020, will need to pay to register with SSUSA in 2021.

All team managers have been sent instructions outlining the team registration process for the NCSSA/SSUSA 2021 season. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Bob Ellwood at

Thanks and hope to see you on the field in 2021!!

Bill Picht
President, NCSSA

The NCSSA is requesting all team rosters be submitted using the Excel spreadsheet below. Some hand written forms are hard to read which lead to mistakes and redo’s which have been time consuming.

Download and complete the Excel Roster form and email to Bob Elwood @


Bob Elwood
Recording Secretary
3521 Glenwood Ave.
Redwood City, CA 94062-3029

2021 Managers Letter (PDF) (click here)

2021 Roster Form – Excel Format (click here)

Sample Roster (PDF)