Ranking Committee for 2018

The 2018 Ranking Committee includes players, managers, umpires and tournament directors all of whom work to rank the more than 100 separate senior softball teams in the NCSSA from group to group during the season.

This year the ranking committee will have some different means of hoping to get our teams in a more ranking order, we hope to have committee members doing the areas they are more acquainted with. Last year the rankings reports included just the list of tournaments entered and tournament wins, this year, we will also show 1st place as teams could tie 4-1 and only one shows TW now it will also show 1st place wins. Which will help the committee in making their decisions.

The ranking committee members are listed below and feel free to contact the listed members of the committee if you have any questions regards the ranking level of your team in the rankings.

Thank you and good luck in this upcoming season!

John Reedy

Tom Bussey – tombussey6@att.net
Bill Picht – william.picht@att.net
Herb Apple – epple72@sbaglobal.net
Ron Hast – hastr-j@peoplepc.com
Bob Holly – estonia16@aol.com
Ellen Jobe – ejrivercity@gmail.com
Gary Robertson – robertson.gnt@sbcglobal.net
Bob Sebring – bobsebring@msn.com
Don Wever – dwwever@aol.com
Lanny Witt – marlan4551@att.net