Presidents Message


After reviewing a number of options regarding resumption of the 2020 Tournament season, the Board has decided that the following approach makes the most sense at this time:

Going forward from May 1st, barring any specific directive(s) from the Governor, city mayors, etc., the decision to reopen the tournament season will be made on a tournament – by- tournament basis. The Tournament Directors, working with local park/recreation departments and the NCSSA Scheduling committee, will determine whether a tournament will be played with the requirement that a go/no go decision is made by the tournament director no later than two (2) weeks before the scheduled tournament date. If no decision has been made by that time, the tournament will be cancelled.

Team managers are advised to contact the tournament director regarding the status of any tournament they are considering participating in.

We all want to get back on the field as soon as possible while minimizing the risk to our players and fans.

Thanks for your patience and STAY HEALTHY!

Bill Picht
President, NCSSA