Annual Meeting Canceled plus Other Information

A decision has been made to cancel the 2020 December Annual Meeting. Given the current CoVid situation and the cancellation of essentially the entire NCSSA 2020 season, it does not make sense to hold an in – person meeting this year. If anyone has a question(s) he/she intended to bring up at the meeting, you can forward that question to: Don Angle; and he will pass the information on to the rest of the Board for any appropriate action.

The Board is also putting together a plan to credit teams for the 2020 team NCSSA registration fees. As you are aware, part of those annual fees are forwarded on to SSUSA to register teams that play in SSUSA tournaments. Because Senior Softball was unable to hold tournaments in CA/Nevada this year, The Board is working with SSUSA management to credit those fees for the teams that were unable to play in any SSUSA event in 2020. More details to follow.

Watch for a posting shortly from Gary Tryhorn outlining the process for 2021 tournament date reservations.


Bill Picht
President, NCSSA

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